Guidance for Renting out a house on the Summerley Estate


If you are renting out, or planning to rent out, your property on Summerley Estate, please can you ensure you inform the SEMCO Registrar and give details of the person/people who will be living in your property.   This can be done through the resident's portal by messaging ARG (Administration and Registrar Group).


We should like to ensure that the people renting your property, while living on Summerley Estate are integrated and connected with the Summerley Estate community so they:


a)  can receive our Welcome Pack, as all new residents now do

b)  are aware of the Code of Conduct and the Parking Policy 

c)  can apply for the Parking permits needed on the Estate

d)  can receive Newsletters and other important information.  

e)  can access information retained in the portal which will help them with living on the estate


We appreciate your help with this.


Many thanks

Summerley Estate Management Company Ltd