Guidance for Selling a house on the Summerley Estate

If you are planning to sell your house on the Estate please can you ensure you follow these steps:

  1. Advise SEMCO Registrar of your intention to sell.
    This can be done via the residents portal selecting Mailbox: ARG, and Subject: Resident change of circumstance.
    If you do not have access to the portal please post a letter to SEMCO at 2 West Close, Felpham.

  2. Advise  any prospective Purchaser to read the information on the Summerley Estate Website.

  3. Advise the  Purchaser’s Solicitor to read the Solicitor’s page on the Summerley Estate website and makes contact with SEMCO’s solicitors, Wannops, in order to receive the information form FME1 and information about the annual Maintenance fee.

  4. Sell your Share in Summerley Estate Management Company Limited direct to your Purchasers at the time and as part of the sale. Please advise the Accounts & Finance Group (AFG) that this has been actioned via the portal or via letter to 2 West Close, Felpham.

  5. Easements: proof of easement needs to be part of the sale. If the seller does not have easement or could not prove LEWP approval, then SEMCO need to be contacted to gain easement approval.

  6. Once you know a date of completion please let the SEMCO Registrar know, so that we can welcome the new owners to the Summerley Estate appropriately. (Including the necessary documentation, permits and access to the portal).

Guidance for Buying a house on the Summerley Estate

  1. The Summerley Estate is  managed by SEMCO (Summerley Estate Management Company Limited), which also owns the freehold of all the roads and verges. All the shareholders of SEMCO are residents of the Estate. The Directors and support groups are all volunteers.

  2. We would advise all prospective purchasers of a property on the Summerley Estate to read through the information on the Summerley Estate website so that they are familiar with the Covenants, Code of Conduct, Parking Policy, Driveway/Major Construction Policy, and other details in regards to living on the Estate.

  3. We would also advise a Purchaser’s Solicitor to read the Solicitor’s page and to engage with SEMCO’s Solicitor, Wannops, to receive the FME1 form of information as well as details of the annual maintenance fee and Estate covenants.

  4. The purchaser must arrange to buy the Seller’s SEMCO Limited share of direct from the Seller, or arrange to purchase a share direct from SEMCO in the unlikely event that the Seller does not own a share.

  5. Buyer needs to ensure that easement rights are in place as part of the purchase.

  6. The purchaser should also contact the Summerley Estate group ‘’, to inform them of the proposed date of moving in, so that we can welcome you accordingly.

Guidance for Renting a house on the Summerley Estate


Please ensure you inform the SEMCO Registrar, via the residents portal, if you are renting your Summerley Estate property so that the Code of Conduct, and other documentation can be shared, as well as ensuring they have the necessary parking permits.

Many Thanks,

Summerley Estate Management Company Limited

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