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‘Living on the Summerley Private Estate’ - Code of Conduct

The Summerley Estate is a friendly, neighbourly Estate and this Code attempts to set out the guidelines for happy, communal living that has successfully evolved over the years.  SPERA will keep this Code up-to-date by reviewing it, and reaffirming support for it, at every AGM - issuing it to all new residents as part of the welcome pack.

Parking - Covenants concerning roads make it clear that residents may not obstruct the roads in any way. Since 2016 LEWP has asked SPERA to introduce a parking control scheme which also was then approved by popular vote. Parking can cause problems for neighbours and the Estate has a ‘no parking policy’ which all residents abide by. This avoids congestion where the roads are narrow - more importantly it allows us to see non-resident cars. Car badges, visitor and trade permits can be requested by emailing ‘parking@summerleyestate.co.uk’.


Security and Residents’ Car Badges: The main role of the gate security is to deter non-residents from entering the Estate and parking for beach access.  This is far from easy and residents can help by displaying a SPERA badge in their cars.

Speed - it is unanimous year after year that residents want to retain a low speed limit, therefore we have a 20 mph limit on the Estate roads.  The roads are narrow and travelling too fast is dangerous. It is encouraged for registration numbers of persistent offenders to be taken and incidents to be reported to the police on 01243 642222 - Operation Crackdown.  Reports should include the date, time, place and nature of any offence.

Pedestrians - as footways are limited on the Estate, pedestrians use the roads so we ask that motorists please give them all the courtesy you would expect if you were walking.  The Estate can be dark at night so pedestrians are urged to use a torch if they are unsure of the road.  Pedestrians should also be mindful that they are walking on an unpaved road and should be ‘car aware’.

Wildlife - we have a great number of seagulls and foxes on the estate. Residents are asked to not feed them based on RSPCA & RSPB advice.

Refuse Collection - this is on a Thursday morning. Where ever possible please put refuse bags in your refuse bin on the morning of collection to prevent wildlife from ripping them open.

Verges and Twittens - each resident is responsible for maintaining the verges outside his or her house and for clearing overhanging growth into verges and twittens from trees and shrubs in his or her garden.  The minimum is to keep the grass cut, the hedge trimmed and weeds down. Additional gardening is very much appreciated as the whole estate benefits from this. However, we do ask that where trees are planted please be considerate as to root growth and shade they create before planting


Surface water - drainage is poor on this Estate.  We are therefore cautious in allowing more kerbs on the Estate roads - since they can exacerbate the puddling - unless adequate provision is made for drainage.  Any works on the roads will need authorisation from SPERA and the written agreement of LEWP.


Décor and State of Repair of the Houses - poorly maintained houses detract severely from the attractiveness of the Estate and from all of our property values.  Therefore we ask all residents to kindly keep up on maintenance for their households and if assistance is needed then neighbours are often available to give a hand. 

Dogs - this is a dog friendly Estate.  Dogs are allowed off lead on the beach from the Summerley Estate. However, it is the law that dog owners keep the beach, roads and grass areas clean and tidy, so please ensure you clean-up after your dogs – bins are available at the seafront. Please also ensure when walking dogs on the Estate keep them on the lead and do not allow them to go into resident gardens.

Boats, Launch Ramps - this is a marine Estate and boat-friendly. However, this is limited by the ADC byelaws and LEWP agreement (which excludes jet skis and motor craft launching from the Beach in this area). By agreement with LEWP, residents who want a key to the launch ramps (two ramps, same key) can obtain one from the SPERA Committee member in charge.  There is a deposit to be paid and an agreement to be signed. Please use the launch ramps responsibly, the ADC shore officer will remove access if usage becomes a nuisance to residents and the public. Therefore please don’t block the roads or leave equipment at the ramp while you are on the water, we also appreciate residents keeping their boats in garaged or back garden areas rather than outside the front of the house.

Caravans and Motor-homes - our Covenants clearly state that caravans are not permitted on the Estate; Motor-homes (essentially motorised caravans) fall into the same category.

Vans - although not under Covenants vans are equally considered under the above category and we ask that wherever possible for them to be park behind a fence, hedge or other screen.

Business Use of Premises - is not allowed within Covenants and by Local Council planning regulations.  Action will be taken, and has been taken in the past, against obvious offenders.

The Relationship with LEWP - Summerley Private Estate is a bit unusual in that residents do not own the common parts of the Estate.  This can sometimes lead to confusion as to who does what (or who can do what).  We have discussed this with Jacqui Shilton of LEWP and we are pleased to include her explanation of the issues below.

Live and Let Live - finally, the general good neighbours rule.  We live on a neighbourly and good spirited estate. Residents are outgoing and live life fully, whilst respecting their fellow neighbours. We ask that everyone living here be respectful of their fellow neighbours, for example: keep intrusive noise to a minimum, don’t let barbecue or bonfire smoke be a nuisance, tell neighbours when you’re having a late night party. If your neighbour is being a nuisance, then please contact the committee who will be happy to listen and help where possible. By the same token, if there are disagreements between you and other residents, please have a calm discussion and come to a civil agreement – we all want to live on this beautiful estate and get along with our neighbours.

Many Thanks

The SPERA Committee



                                                                 Additional Correspondence from LEWP

 May 2013

Jacqui Shilton of L E Walwin & Partners

SPERA’s Code of Conduct is very helpful in clarifying issues affecting residents.  I am pleased to be able to contribute an explanation of LEWP’s role in respect of the Estate.

LEWP has legal title to the common areas, notably the roads.  LEWP is required to carry out the maintenance of the roads and common areas and the residents have to pay for this.  By buying a house on the Estate, a house owner has agreed to his or her share of these costs.

Some years ago, it was agreed that SPERA should be formed to take on the task of organising road maintenance and duties regarding the Estate for LEWP.  SPERA collects an annual membership fee (which includes the maintenance charges) and carries out the works.  There is an agreement with LEWP giving SPERA the authority to do this.  Non-paying residents have been taken to court in the past and ordered to pay their share of the maintenance charges.

LEWP has agreed also to consider any reasonable request from SPERA to enforce compliance with residents’ obligations under their Covenants provided that the cost of any enforcement is borne by the residents.

Access to the beach

Access to the beach is across land owned by LEWP.  Access is controlled by LEWP and the use of the ramps by residents does not confer a right of way from LEWP.  The use of the ramp keys will be available most times of the year from SPERA with the agreement of LEWP.  Ramp access may be closed by LEWP on certain days.

Building and Development

The Covenants on each property also concern, amongst other things, the question of further development of a site.  SPERA does not have any remit to involve itself in this and requests in these matters should be made to LEWP direct.

Jacqui Shilton

L E Walwin & Partners

01243 583888